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One Family - One Life



More Options when Getting Married in Church

If you live in the parishes of Chudleigh, Chudleigh Knighton & Trusham you are now able to choose to get married in any of the 3 churches. This will be of particular help if your local church is too small (or maybe too big!) or if you live on the 'wrong side' of a parish boundary (eg you live in Stokelake, but regard Chudleigh as your local church). If you would like more details, do contact Paul Wimsett on 853241 or chudleigh.cofe@gmail.com.


Marriage Preparation
Last year I facilitated two marriage preparation courses of three sessions each, for groups of engaged couples who were getting married in our Church. These took place in our home, and we had an enjoyable time together. The course involves sessions on communication, expectations, emotional needs, handling conflict, commitment and the spiritual dimension. People say they are most enjoyable and very useful. I try to keep in touch with those who live in Chudleigh. They all seemed to really appreciate the care and time taken to look at relationship issues.

For further information, contact Sheila Fletcher, 01626 854017, sef@uwclub.net

For other courses follow the link:


Pastoral Visiting
The scheme provides visitors for parishioners in need, or to welcome newcomers. Training is given, and we have some visitors trained to undertake bereavement visiting. Referrals are steady at about 1 or 2 a month; generally parishioners swing into action and then tell us afterwards which is as it should be.

For further information, contact Sheila Fletcher, 01626 854017, sef@uwclub.net

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